[December 12, 2008]

I installed the heat muff on the right exhaust pipe. Nothing too exciting. There isn't any interference with the cowl whatsoever.

While the cowl was on, I wanted to check the alignment of the FAB with the intake. It's just about perfect.

Next I did a bunch of work on the exhaust. I put some anti seize on the nuts that attach the exhaust to the engine and torqued them, and then worked on the exhaust final placement. Vetterman says the angle between the pipes needs to be > 25 degrees between the pipes and the bottom of the fuselage. I think this is to prevent any cracking of the skins of the fuselage. My angle ended up being about 30 degrees.

Next I needed to work on the exhaust hangers.

You can see I put a slight flare on the end of the hanger tubes. This is to keep the tubes from sliding down the block tubing the tubes get clamped to.

After a little work, the upward hangers were more or less done.

Here is how they attach to the engine.



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