[December 11, 2008]

I spent a while this morning installing the 6 clips around the base of the FAB that keep the filter from slipping out. Nothing spectacular, just monotonous.

The last thing I really need to do to the FAB is add the filter bypass. This modification allows you to open a bypass to allow air from inside the cowl to go directly to the engine, bypassing the filter. If for some reason the intake or filter becomes clogged, this is your best bet to keep the engine running. I have heard of some people getting their filters clogged when it is snowing.

This is a pic when the round door (blue) is opened. It allows air to come into the FAB.

It took a while to figure out where to put the hole for the bypass. Van's has it towards the rear, with the cable going off diagonally. Only problem with their pictures is the cable routing would go right into the exhaust on my setup. So I decided the cable should go straight back.

Here the baseplate is backdrilled to the FAB

I needed to figure out where to put the adel clamp so it would not interfere with the door opening or the air filter. You can see the two black lines around the FAB that indicate where the air filter sits.

I installed the nutplate on the inside of the FAB. Man, I was lucky, the 3" yoke on the squeezer barely got this sucker.

Finally I took the baffles off and torqued down the engine bolts and installed the cotter pins. I have no idea why I waited 6 months to do this.



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