[November 23, 2008]

So my garage is a little different....can anyone tell what happened? Hint - There are three major changes........

How about from this pic?

OK, this pic gives one of the changes away. I got sick of the room the wings were taking up in the garage so I moved them to my downstairs living room. It didn't have any furniture in it (read: I am a bachelor), so this added some nice decor to the motif I was shooting for. The other two changes to the garage photo include the canopy removed from the fuselage and onto the sawhorses and the propane heater in the garage. It's always a sad sight to see the heater in the garage. It's so nice to work on the project in the summer warmth. Winter is no so much fun. Oh well, at least I have plenty of BTU's available to keep my shop at a very decent temp.

So back to baffle hell. I trimmed the top of the rear #3 cylinder baffle so it would fit nicely on the top of the crankcase.

However, this bracket is way to aft. Kinda ashame. I don't know why Van's even bothers sometimes...

So my solution was to chop some of the back of this bracket off. I will rivet some 063 angle to this when I know how it should all fit.

This baffle really sucks. Now this screw doesn't want to go in!

Here is the interference issue here. You can see the slight rubbing on the crankcase the baffle made. A little filing and it was all good.

Got some more pieces on with little issue.

This #4 cylinder baffle went on OK.

But only one screw goes in. It looks like I need to do some tedious trimming around the valve covers. I have new gaskets (silicon instead of cork) to put on, so I might as well do that soon and trim the baffle around that.



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