[November 24, 2008]

What's going on here??? Well, the stock cork valve cover gaskets were interfering a little with the baffles on the sides. I bought the silicon valve cover gaskets from Van's a while ago and decided now was a good time to fit them, to see if I needed to trim the side baffles or not. I popped the valve covers off and cleaned off all of the cork residue left behind with a razor blade. Man its clean in there.

You can see the bright orange gaskets now. These things are nice, and they weren't all that expensive.

That was the ticket! The side baffled fit a lot better now.

Next was this aft baffle bracket. You can see I rough cut some 063 angle and drilled it to the bracket.

Next I drilled the #12 hole in the bottom. I didn't do the top yet, because I have seen from other builders log the top might need to be trimmed down quite a bit to clear the cowl -- enough to interfere with the top #12 bolt hole. I decided there was no issue in waiting to see how it turns out and drill that hole later.

Next I worked on the front #1 cylinder baffle. Pretty easy putting stuff together and drilling it. I needed to enlarge the indicated hole to 1" (used a hole saw - easy peasy). This hole is for the oil line for the propeller control from the governor.

Here is the baffle installed.

Here is the oil line passed through. The oil line came with a thick reinforcement on the ends of the tubes. It fits nicely in the hole, but I am a little concerned if there is any chance of wearing. I can't really make the hole much larger for fear of it getting too close the edges of the baffles. I might put some thin stainless steel around the hose or some UHMW tape around the hose.

There is some interference here with the flywheel. I will worry about this later.

The #2 front cylinder baffle was pretty easy to put on. I had a little interference issue that was taken care of easily with the bench scotchbrite wheel. Next on the instructions is fitting this inlet ramp to the cowl inlets. Trouble is I have the James cowl, which is going to take some creative thinking to get it to play nicely with the Van's baffling. I am not planning on using the James Plenum, which would eliminate all of this fun. Perhaps I should research under the cowl from Cirrus and see how they do it with their inlet rings.....



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