[November 21, 2008]

Wow...it's been almost a week since I have worked on the project. Well, I was in Portland, OR for some business. It ended up being a suck trip because I did nothing up work, all hours of the night. I was able to sneak down to Aurora to visit Van's. I figured while I was there I might as well pick up some stuff and save on shipping it back to MD. I also got a grand tour of the place. I am glad I did it, but I don't think I would go back and do it again.

I received a shipment from Aircraft Spruce when I got back. In it were some AN509-8R10 screws that I needed to mount the belly antenna's. Its nice to start attaching stuff permanently to the fuselage. It seems I have too many piles of stuff to be attached.

Yeah, I splurges for the expensive Stewart Warner 8406R oil cooler. I have heard of too many people having issues with the Van's one and replacing it with this one. This little puppy ran just short of $500, whereas the Van's one ran a little over 200. Why not the best eh?

This thing is really nicely made. Much better construction than the Van's one.

Back to the baffles. I needed to trim the F-713 spacer and drill some holes.

I found on the #4 cylinder baffle the angle that gets attached to the outside interferes with the bend a little. A scotchbrite wheel fixed this.

Next I needed to attach the CB-707D bracket to the engine. I took off the two top engine bolts. There is some interference with the injection tube to cylinder #3.

I disconnected the injection tube from the fuel distribution block and fed the bracket into place. You can see the tube will rub against the bracket - not good.

I figure I can easily make a angle out of 063 and put an adel clamp on to keep the tube out of harms way. Easy fix.

Next was time to put the baffles on the engine. This screw on the #3 cylinder baffle was a real bitch to install because the oil filler tube interfered.

I put together all of the 1/4" extensions and made a super long screwdriver. It seemed to work well.

Hmmm...looks like I need to trim the baffles some as they interfere with the engine block. No way this screw by the engine mount is going in as is. The fun with baffles begin.



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