[October 23, 2008]

So this is how I had my fuel controller temporarily bolted to the sump. The studs from the sump were a little on the long side, so I called up Superior to see if I could get shorter studs. After some discussion with them, they told me there is supposed to be a thermal isolation spacer installed. The spacer is supposed to keep the hot sump from conducting heat into the fuel controller, therefore reducing the chances of vapor lock in the fuel controller. Evan at Superior said he was aware of some customers not using them and not having any problems, but I wanted to use it to eliminate any future issues down the road.

Here is the spacer in question.

And here the spacer is installed. I am really glad I called up Superior to figure this out. They were really great to deal with for a newbee like me.

So there's an issue with the Sam James cowl and the vertical induction fuel injection controller -- the mixture arm wants to rub the cowl. So I needed to cut out the cowl to eliminate any interference. I am going to glass over this with a little bubble.

To figure out where the mixture cable penetration point will be on the firewall, I mounted up the cable on the bracket. Uh oh - this is the cable and mixture arm in the idle cut-off position. Not really close.

This is worse! This is the mixture cable and mixture arm on the controller both in the rich setting. Nowhere close!

No sweat - I bent the bracket slightly to help my alignment.

I also needed to move the positioning of the mixture arm on the controller by loosening the locknut, rotating the arm, then retightening the locknut. This is the mixture full rich. It is hitting the detent.

And here is idle cutoff. It hits the detent here as well. It's a nice smooth action. I am real happy with how this turned out.

Since I moved the mixture arm forward, I needed to readjust the size of my bumpout hole on the side of the cowl. Here is the old hole and it interferes in full rich mode.

Here is the new hole. Signficantly larger! No interference now.

Here's a shot from the front showing how far outboard the arm sticks. I'll pick up some clay tomorrow and maybe glass this over and be done with it. I am pretty sure this cowl was designed for the carbureted engines only....and this vertical fuel injection controller just sticks way further to the left of the centerline.



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