[July 21, 2008]

Wow...this is like my second day this month working on the project. Can't say it's been that bad since I have had a TON of fun. I just got back from a nice long weekend in Chicago and Wisconsin - floating on a boat in the sun during the day on a lake and at a country concert at night. Anyways tonight I finally had a good night on the project - I got the top cowl lined up to the upper fuselage. I used a tie down strap to hold the cowl tight on the fuselage.

I used some cleco clamps to keep the sides down tight.

Next was the tough part - getting the cowl lined up with the spinner. This took a ton of time to get perfect.

I used a 1/4" spacer between the spinner and the cowl on the top.

So the top was easy with the spacer, but getting the sides was hard. It seemed every time I moved something, it threw off the rest of the alignment. In the end I got pretty close - 0.344" on one side.

And 0.341" on the other side. Actually, things got messed up and I got a little more off, but its still close.

Once I got the front aligned, I marked the front of the firewall on the cowl.

Next I need to make a .020 spacer between the bottom of the firewall and the top of the hinge. However, as you can see I fluted the firewall and that wouldn't lay flat on the spacer. So I squeezed the flute down with some pliers and that worked fairly well. Tomorrow I am going to cut some strips of 020 at work on the sheers.



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