[October 24, 2008]

Tonights goal was to lay up a few layers of glass over the bumpout in the cowl for the mixture control arm. I thought all day about the best way to make a bumpout out of clay and be sure I had made it big enough for the arm that protrudes. When I got home tonight it came to me. Why not just keep the cowl on the engine and do it in place. So I put some duct tape on to act as a secure backing for the clay (I didn't want it endlessly oozing into the engine side of the cowl) and put a plastic bag over the mixture arm to keep that clean.

I checked my manhood in at the door and went to Jo Anne fabrics to pick up some modeling clay. 5 bucks and the checkout girl gave me 50% off! Who says flirting is a bad thing? I made sure to pickup my manhood on the way out!

I took some time and made this good looking bumpout. It probably took a good 30 minutes of forming to get it looking decent....at least I think it looks good.

Here is a shot from the front. Not too obtrusive. In fact, it is barely noticeable when you stand up.

Next I needed to rough up the cowl where the fiberglass will adhere to. I put some tape over the clay so I wouldn't contaminate the cowl.

Next I thought I should put some mold release wax on the clay to make sure the fiberglass wouldn't stick. I am pretty sure it wouldn't, since when I has clay residue all over my hands, when I washed them water beaded right up. But I had it so I used it. I put some electrical tape over the raw fiberglass in order to keep the wax off the cowl.

Here is the mold release wax I bought from Spruce.

Next I got some fiberglass out to make a template for the layers I needed to put on.

I transferred the template onto the bottom of a beer 30 pack..

Then I made three layers of glass (E Glass I think...I bought a few yards of it from Spruce). Each layer is slightly bigger in each direction to act as a natural feather. I don't know if three layers is enough.....but its a start. Its at least enough for a first step so I can remove the cowl and get the clay out so I can work under the cowl while this stuff dries on the side.

Here is the finished product. The blue you see on it is where I numbered the glass layers to make sure each one was going on in the correct order. I am really pleased with how well it turned out.



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