[July 11, 2008]

Wow...10 days since I last logged anything. Well, I have been a little unmotivated with the project recently, but that is all good since I have been having a lot of non-RV fun. The RV can wait for colder weather! Anyways, I noticed my dehydrator plugs were turning a little pink, so I decided to figure out how to get them back to blue.

I emptied the canisters onto a paper towl and microwaved it for about 40 seconds. A lot of moisture appeared after that, I so patted them down to get some of the moisture and nuked them again.

The end result looks a lot better.

I got my missing bracket from PlanePower. They were awesome about getting it to me quick.

Next on the agenda is fitting the cowl, but to get the right alignment for the cowl-spinner, I needed to install the propeller and spinner. The prop was a pain to install, only because the screws can only be tightened a little at a time WhirlWind is great because they provide a spinner already to go onto the prop...with the Van's spinner you need to cut it yourself.

Here is a pic of how the spinner is held on. WW didn't document how this was done. I just used some scrap nuts to temporarily hold everything together.

To trim the aft end of the cowling, you are supposed to draw a line 2" aft of the top forward skin as a guide. Why draw the line when there is 2" thick painters tape???

I put the cowl on and found a 13/16" block I had previously cut provided a good spacer between the top of the flywheel and the bottom of the cowl. I have been messing around with the cowl a lot trying to figure out how best to get started. Soon I will get my butt in gear and get 'er done.



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