[June 30, 2008]

Tonight I slammed on the Vetterman exhaust. It took about 30 minutes to put it on.

I put on the VA-133 oil pressure sensor hose Van's give you.

This thing is too long by about 1-3/4". I am going to return this and get Bonaco to make me a custom length.

Fuel pressure hose was too long also. Another return to Van's! I also measured how long of a hose I will need for the fuel run between the firewall and the engine pump.

With the exhaust on, it interfered like hell with the runs to and from the fuel controller. Here is how the controller is labeled for the inlet and outlet - however these locations won't work.

Here is the optional inlet that has a plug in it. I think this is where the inlet should be.

And on the back of the controller is another possible outlet plugged. I am going to have to call Superior to figure out exactly what has to be done, but at least this is one less thing to figure out.



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