[June 29, 2008]

Late last week I received an order from Bonaco for braided brake lines for the interior. Brett at Bonaco was AWESOME to deal with and got me these lines in a jiffy. On top of it, his prices were great - $103 for four hoses, 7 fittings and shipping! Van's charged $50 a piece for their brake hose! I needed to measure all of my lengths because they are pretty custom. Brett has all the typical hose lengths already, but there isn't much typical about my setup. In case you decided to copy my setup, here are the hoses you will need:

Reservoir to LEFT MASTER: -3 HOSE ASSY. ST to ST 15-1/2" SEAT to SEAT
Reservoir to RIGHT MASTER: -3 HOSE ASSY. ST to 90 17-1/2" END to CENTER
Brake Valve to LEFT MASTER: -3 HOSE ASSY. ST to ST 18-1/2" SEAT to SEAT
Brake Valve to RIGHT MASTER: -3 HOSE ASSY. ST to ST 19-1/2" SEAT to SEAT

Oh - All the above have a plastic sheath to keep the braided metal on the outside of the hose from wearing away at the powdercoated brakes weldments.

Also the following fittings:
(2) AN816-3D
(1) AN826-3D
(4) AN822-3D

All the hoses were the perfect length and worked well in all the positions the brake will go to.

Top from the top. The 90 degree fitting on the reservoir really was a nice touch.

One more shot, why not.

Next I installed the Plane Power alternator. This went on pretty easily, except I was missing a bracket! I called up Plane Power and they were very awesome about shipping me a new bracket right away.

Next I installed the fuel controller, the throttle/mixture bracket and the inlet and outlet lines just to see hot the fit was. Since this engine was intended for a Lancair, I don't think these hoses are positioned right or the correct length. I will call up superior to see whats up later on.

I taped up the bottom of the fuel controller just to keep the inside of the engine away from the humid air.



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