[June 3, 2008]

Awesome night of work tonight - got way more done than I though I would. I got the master relay, starter solenoid, ANL current limiter base, ammeter shunt and all the associated diodes mounted tonight.

Here is a close up of the diode on the starter. I needed to take an interesting route, but it was the only way it would fit. BTW, these diodes are premade and available through Van's for like $5 each. I know thats a lot for a diode, but they are already put together, so that justified it for me.

With pretty much everything firewall forward wrapped up, I decided it was time to rivet on the firewall recess. I mixed up some firewall sealant and put it in between the recess and the firewall, as well as over the gaps. I don't think it is going to seal well to the gaps - the stuff doesn't seem to like to stick to stuff and would rather be sandwiched between metals. If this stuff doesn't work I will replace it with high temp RTV.

I sealed in the brake reservoir and bolted it to the firewall. Notice how there are two AN960-10 washers between the firewall and the reservoir.

I screws on the battery tray while I was at it.

My next project was to make the co-pilots control stick easily removable. Back in the day, it was OK just just let friction hole the stick in. However, because of an accident involving someone landing an RV in the right seat and having the stick come out at the wrong time, Van's released a service bulleting suggesting it be bolted in. I understand the reason for it being secured, but I also like the stick to be easily removable because some passengers are more comfortable without a stick between their legs. So anyways, I ordered up a spring latch from McMaster Carr (p/n 92988A650) that will make the stick easy to secure and remove. Anyways I drilled a 1/4" hole through the copilot stick and the base.

Here is the spring latch.

I installed the spring latch into the stick.

By depressing the button, it slides in and securely latches to the stick base. No way this sucker will fall out. After this mini project was done, I spent about 1/2 hour prepping the top aft skins to go on. My dad is showing up tomorrow and we are going to try to get both of them on.



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