[May 28, 2008]

I received an order from B&C today with some odds and ends...of of which was 2 gauge wire terminals. I just had to try out my crimper.

After a couple of wacks with a heavy hammer, it looks like it will work fine. I pulled with all my might and the wire didn't budge.

Here is another angle.

Part of my B&C order was a 48 port ground block. I did not put a grounding block on the front of the firewall because everyone says its basically unused. I can't think of anything up there that needs a ground.

I made a little jumper cable up to the ground block 1/4" bolt to the battery. This welding cable is great -- very flexible. The terminals I received from B&C were great - they already came with precut heat shrink. Nice touch! The only downside I found out with this location for the ground block was I couldn't remove the battery without loosening the ground cable at the grounding strips bolt. Oh well, nothing I can do about that now!

I also received an ANL current limiter base from B&C. The idea behind a current limiter is you don't have to feed the alternator output into a circuit breaker in the cabin. The ANL current limiter is like a fuse, but from what I understand, it is more tollerant of variations of the output of the alternator. Anyways, AeroElectric.com's Bob discussed this in his book, and I bought into it. You can also see I made a jumper from the starter solenoid to the current limiter base with some extra 063 copper. No wire needed so why not? I also decided to put the Grand Rapids hall effect ammeter around the copper passthrough. It seemed like such an ideal spot.

I still need to get a proper adel clamp for the shunt, I just used a 1" one for spacing concerns. You can see the copper jumper is perfectly centered in the shunt. I am going away to Detroit this weekend to catch the Air Bull air races on Saturday. Meanwhile I have a whole laundry list of items to pickup from Spruce, Van's and McMaster. It isn't even funny how fast these lists are being filled up with parts!



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