[November 23, 2022]

My boss was nice enough to let us out early today (day before Thanksgiving) so what else logical is there to do on a perfectly clear day? Fly of course (and my boss told me to - I excel at taking orders!)

I don't think I have tested the VOR received of the GTN650xi since I installed it, so I headed out west to the ST Thomas VOR (THS). As I got closer and closer I wasn't picking up anything. No needles were moving. I tuned in the VOR and received the proper morse code beeps. I started looking at my EFIS and it told me what was going on - no VOR ARINC signal from the GTN650xi to the GRT.

The G5 GAD29 also was complaining about the same thing. Must be a setting in the GTN650?

Back on the ground I thought I had found the issue - ARINC429 OUT2 was not setup. I supposed this didn't carry over in the configuration module. Easy enough to fix...

Hmmm, there is still something not right here - I am still not receiving any ARINC information here. I will have to table this until later, I am out of ideas now.

I picked up a GRT Horizon HX 6.4" MFD screen a couple of weeks ago. The HX was the premier EFIS, where the Sport SX was a less capable unit. My idea was to put the HX in the place of my Sport SX S100 MFD.

The connectors on the back of the HX are different from the Sport SX. The HX has more serial ports, analog inputs and an ARINC input. I made a cable to convert the DB37 to the DB25 connector so I could test the functionality of a HX connected to the exiting Sport SX S200 PFD.

Good news - the interlink display seems to work and engine information was being communicated. Some things weren't coming over the inter-display link - such as attitude/altitude/airspeed - things the HX would expect to receive from a connected external AHRS. I need to dig through the menus to see what's going on with this!



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