[November 8, 2022]

My new GTN650xi came with a new GA-35 GPS antenna, so while the rear fuselage was open, I swapped in the new antenna.

Looks so good I think I gained 5 kts!

I forgot to take a picture of this the other day, but this is how my auto-trim wiring looks like into the GSA28. I never understood why the GSA28 servos came with these little DB15 adapters to be used in case of a servo removal, but now it makes complete sense - it's only to keep the trim servos to continue to work if the GSA28 is removed.

I never calibrated my new G5 - I was under the assumption the magic CAN bus would synchronize the data between the two units. I suppose this is what happens when I don't read the installation manuals.

This Tailmate is the best tool ever. It makes lifting the tail up effortless. Too bad they stopped making them.

I calibrated the pitch/roll of the new G5.

And then this happened! The attitudes agree.

There is both good and bad in this picture. The good news is the primary G5 is off, and the autopilot is engaged driving the autopilot.

This was a little concerning - a PTRIM error message. How would the G5 know there was a trim error?

I had the Pitch Trim Control Method set to Garmin Servo, which apparently is a separate module from the GSA28 servos. Instead, this needs to be set to DC Motor for how I have the Ray Allen servos wired through the GSA28.

Much better, no PTRIM error.

In the Pitch Trim Setup, there is a Trim Input monitor which lets you know what direction the GSA28 thinks your trim is wired.

In my case, it was reversed. There are just white wires going to the trim servo to control the motion, so it's easy to get them reversed. The important thing is the stick controls drive the servo in the correct direction.

Luckily no rewiring is needed, there is a setting in the Pitch Trim Configuration for the trim direction. I switches it to Reverse and all is well.

OK, on to something completely different now. The carpet I put on my floors 12 years ago was terrible back then, and it certainly has not got any better over the years. I don't know exactly the final outcome, but the first step is a good template. I drew out what I think I needed.

I cut a template out of some cheap wood from Home Depot's aviation aisle.

The fit was really great the first try! I need to add 1/4" in a couple of dimensions, but this is great to have a template to work from.



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