[November 25, 2022]

I was researching my ARINC in issue for the VOR/LOC/GS input. Neither the GAD29 or GRT was receiving any data. The GTN650 to GTN650xi is claimed to be a pin-for-pin swap - so I was perplexed - perhaps a wire became loose for this wiring?

I started reading the Garmin GTN6XX/7XX Maintenance Manual and I noticed there is a special section for VOR/LOC/GS just for the xi models. I believe on the GTN650 there was just low speed by default. I am betting this is the issue!

To access the VOR/LOC/GS menu, its on the second setup screen.

Yup - high speed ARINC by default! This will be an easy fix!

Set to low speed.

Voila! Receiving ARINC data on channel 1.

The frequency on the GTN650xi was correctly displayed on the GRT. Seems like we are in business again.

GAD29/G5 is also happy again.

There was only one sure way to test all of this - in the air of course! Picked up the local VOR and I am happy this issue has been resolved. Certainly something be aware of when upgrading to the GTN650xi.



Last Modified: August 13, 2023