[April 9, 2016]

Saturday started of very calm. There were a number of hot air balloons out on the runway.

We were planning on starting our journey home today. As we were tearing down camp, my friend Bill Repucci showed up in his RV-9A. He showed off some really innovative tie-down stakes names Orange Screw

We couldn't leave without saying goodbye to our lovely and gracious host, Mary-Jane. He and her great team really set Sun 'n Fun's HBC apart from Oshkosh. There really isn't any comparison.

Our destination today was Gainsville, GA - just north of Atlanta. Peter went to The Citadel with a friend who lives up there, and he was willing to take in us for the night.

The Taxi out to the runway was a little frustrating because they just switched runways and the ground crew was disorganized.

A B17 snuck out in front of us and we needed to wait for it to do its run-up. No complaints on my behalf - it was amazing to be so close to such an amazing aircraft.

Cleared for takeoff!

We knew a headwind was in our future.

Frowny faces for the headwind.

We were being absolutely beaten up with the moderate-to-severe turbulence at 4,500'. We thought we would duck down lower to find lower headwinds and less turbulence. We did find lower headwinds, but the ride was down right uncomfortable down lower.

Back over Ocala.

Passing by Gainsville, FL and the University of FL off to our left.

The ride was really intolerable down at 3,500'. We went up to 5,500 which was OK, but still not great. We took a slight penalty with a bigger headwind, but it was worth it for the better ride.

Some traffic off to our east.

Recognize this spread? We did another fuel stop in Baxley on the way home. This place can't be beat!!

Next stop was Gainsville, GA - KGVL. On the way we saw a fire in the distance. You can see how strong the winds were today with how the smoke was being blown.

Baldwin County Airport (KMLJ) had a sweet runway which abutted the lake.

The turbulence was no joke today. A C172 driver reported the ride "REALLY Bumpy it SUCKED".

On the ground Peter's friend Justin picked us up in no time. We went off to the marina he kept his boat at to swing back a couple of Bud Heavy's, then it was off to the liquor store for some adult beverages and then Mexicen food. The placement of the Mad Dog 20/20 and Castrol Oil was TIGHT! I think the Castrol cost more money...but in all honesty for anyone who has ever had the disservice of consuming MD 2020, Castrol tastes better!

The evening was full of new friends, great food, some cocktails and reading children's books.



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