[April 8, 2016]

We watched Patty Wagstaff's show on Wednesday and Peter absolutely loved the way the paint scheme of her Extra 300 looked. Our mission today was to track down the airplane so Peter could take notes.

As we were dissecting the paint scheme, none other than Patty herself walked up and allowed us to snap a picture with her.

Peter's day has officially been made.

This AirCam has about the best FL themed paint job there can be.

It's impossible to pass by the Heavens Landing booth without getting a picture with the lovely angels. Next time I will have to remember to kick out one of my knees.

Swag was tough to find at SNF...I am used to Oshkosh vendors handing out more t-shirts than I can wear in a week. Luckily I have some reliable sources who will pay me off in swag for me to leave them alone!

The only untouched part of SNF for us was the warbird area.

This marks the 10th year of of the ICON A5 being on display at an airshow I have attended.

The previous night Peter and I were out with Chad into the wee hours of the morning raising hell. We both decided to take a Siesta and watch the airshow from HBC.

Peter's shoe made for an excellent beer holder.

Oshkosh....It can't get here fast enough!

ugh....I can't take him anywhere!

The ground transportation at SNF is second to none. We were picked up daily no more than 10 steps from our campsite on the SNF trolley.

Crusing through the light sport/ultralight area.

Back to HBC for Friday Night Steak, Chicken and Salmon. For $15 you get to choose one. Waiting in line were a number of characters. This was one of the better T-shirts I've seen, and I approve of his beverage of choice. His identity is concealed to protect the innocent!

The steak was HUGE and out of this world. It was overflowing the plate.

The XtremeAir XA42 Aircraft Wraps plane showed up just after dinner and got a lot of attention. The quality of this wrap is amazing...as it should be since it's owned by the owner of Aircraft Wraps!

This is my favorite picture of SNF.



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