[April 10, 2016]

The temps this morning were chilly - 50 degrees outside, but the windchill made it seem 20 degrees cooler. It's amazing how fast Peter and I got accustomed the the wonderful FL weather!

Our gracious host for the past night, Justin.

Todays trip was straight forward. About 3 hours in flight with a slight tailwind.

The lakes around Northern Atlanta looked like a lot of fun in the summer! We might have to come back and make use of Justin's boat in the summer!

2.5 hours expected in flight at 7,500' with 7 kts on the tail.

The views over the Smokey Mountains were spectacular.

Crossing over Ashville, NC.

The hills were getting high, so we did too - we shot up to 9,500'.

Zoomin' at 183 kts (210 MPH).

We needed to duck down as the clouds were getting lowers.

Snow covered mountains to our east. Locals in MD said Saturday consisted of rain, snow, wind, thunder and lightening. It took all my willpower not to turn around and head for the FL Keys!

We stepped down to 5,500' as the clouds were coming down.

We ran into some very light precip.

We ran up the Shenandoah valley which made for a nice view. The ride home was completely different from the ride down in terms of scenery and terrain. It was great we took an excursion to Atlanta to split the trip up and get a more scenic ride home.

The last 20 minutes were bumpy at 5,500', but nothing compared to yesterday. However, I didn't bother to check the PIREPS's to see how the Cessna drivers thought it was! Great SNF! Can't wait for next year!!!

Another RVPlane.com major fly-in writeup made front page news on VAF!

8,300 views to boot!



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