[April 7, 2016]

Wednesday evening and Thursday morning brought some rain. I didn't mind too much because I came properly equipped. However, Peter thought my $550 Arc'Teryx jacket was a bit overpriced as he sent this picture to his wife. Clearly some people have no appreciation for quality!

The rain cleared out early and we marched on towards the show. We checked out Chip Lock's RV-14.

It was heard to ignore the two F-22 Raptor's arriving at Osh!

Ladies and Gentlemen...I present Blue Steel.

Peter is in the middle of his RV-8 build and was eager to check out what was new in Avionics. Garmin's G5 EFIS is really well done for it's price point. Super user interface.

Tough not to love this panel....if you don't love your savings account!

Chad Jensen and I have been great friends for over 10 years now. It's always good to run into him at the shows.

Vertical Power had a really neat display of a DIY panel powered by some Raspberry PI's and other X86/ARM processors. I believe Chad said this is a Student Project their company is sponsoring.

GRT released a Touch version of their HXr. It was extremely well done...but I am somewhat biased since I still beleive GRT makes the best EFIS's on the market.

GRT had a LPV GPS receiver on display which they claimed will meet all TSO specs - all for $3500.

We ended up back at the SNF bar for a great seat in the shade to watch the afternoon airshow. We also met up with some new RV buddies from West Virginia.

Back at HBC I ran into my great friend Jim who is building an RV-9A in Bel Air, MD. Can you believe he just stoke my beer before this picture was shot??? And he wants me to do an inspection of his airplane!

All of the action at SNF happens on the south end of the airport. My friend Peter went to University of MD's business school with a friend who ran the restaurant in the FBO on the north end of the field. We were able to grab an Uber car about 100' from HBC and $8.00 later we were at the FBO and at Hallback's bar and grill. The staff here was about as friendly as I have ever met, and the BBQ food was out of this world. It was undoubtedly the best BBQ Brisket I have ever had, and super large portions.



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