[December 28, 2008]

So after months and months of panel layout planning, the day of my "Big Cut", I decided I like the 3 1/8" instruments for airspeed, attitude and altitude. Ignore the small CDI on the right -- that was a "what if". What I was able to achieve in this design was the top of the EFIS's to be even with the top of the audio panel.

So no pics of the cut, but I used a scroll saw with a 24 TPI bimetal blade on it to get about 1/32" from the line I drew. Then I used the file to get it down from there. Took a while, but eventually the EFIS slid in perfectly.

Jump ahead a little and I cut the other EFIS hole and the hole for the avionics stack. This hole is a real bear. Well, not the hole but dealing with all the avionics and their trays.

I clamped some angle to the top of the panel to act as something to align the two EFIS's with as well as to be used later for the avionics stack. I covered the EFIS screens with blue painters tape and clamped them lightly to the top angle so I could drill the #6 holes for the screws that hold the EFIS's in.

This was the easiest part of the day. The two EFIS holes are finished. There was a lot of work put in today for these three holes.



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