[January 5, 2010]

Milestone night tonight....I moved my first item into the hangar! This is an old cabinet my work was giving away. Inside is an amazing array of storage space. Its construction is top notch too. It is older than I am, and will undoubtedly last longer than I will.

I finished up the installation of the rear window tonight.

A little disappointing -- some pillowing on the left side.

Same deal on the right side. I don't know whats causing this because it was all drilled together in unison. Luckily I think some shims will fix this, or maybe installing some sort of thin weatherstripping. Most likely this will wait to be fixed until after first flight. Its good enough.

Last night I painted the yellow canopy latch ball black.Tonight I installed it. I think the black looks WAY better than the yellow did.

I was messing around with the trim servo and decided to install a zip-tie mount to the side of the servo. I will put the wire in here in order to act as a strain relief.

I replaced the drilled #12 bolt with a B-Nut for the heat control. Aircraft Sprice p/n: 05-16245 for all of you that might want to copy it.

I also installed an additional heat shield for the alternator wire.

And of course I went through another iteration of sanding and filling the empennage fairing. It's getting there. Lots of great progress tonight!



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