[January 4, 2010]

Today I felt like total CRAP. I have been fighting a small cold for the last week and it doesn't seem to want to go away. When I got to work today I had a bunch of goodies waiting for me -- ACS parts and some Vibra-Tite VC3. This stuff is used in place of LockTite for the screws that attach the rear window to the rollbar.

I put some tape sticky-side-up and attached some #6 screws to it. I then used the brush in the Vibra-Tite lid to put some of this goop on the threads. I found out I ended up putting WAY to much on them, so a little is all that is necessary.

I slid the read window in place.

Next I loosely inserted all of the perimeter #6 screws and hand tightened the nut on the back of them.

I took a little break from the rear window to label the coax wires in the subpanel. I don't know why I hadn't done this yet.

A lot of the screws I applied the thread locker to were trashed because I applied too much to it. I was able to screw in about 3/4's of the screws from the window to the rollbar. The alignment totally sucked for these. I don't know if something moved slightly, or if the window contracted due to the cold temps.

Finally I spent a good amount of time sanding and reapplying micro to the empennage fairing. This is really coming along nicely. My work last night was much better than I though it would be.



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