[February 23, 2009]

What a great night on the project tonight. First off, I didn't like how the side baffle was held to the front of the baffles by one rivet. It seems to me it would be difficult to modify things down the road with the two connected by just one rivet. So I remade the angle clip to allow me to use a #8 screw.

With that done, there was no reason not to rivet the parts together up front. I used flush rivets so the fiberglass intake adapter would sit as flush as possible with the baffles.

Next I taped and covered the baffles and engine.

Everything has packing tape over it to act as a mold release agent.

Next I placed the plenum on.

The goal here is to get some glass going to adapt the front of the plenum inlet to the baffle.

Here is one layer laid up. One layer is all I could get in there. As soon as I tried another layer, everything started to stick to the wrong thing. This will be fine. I will just glass it up off the engine once this dries.

I also glassed the whole left side of the plenum to the top of the engine. I put two layers here. Hopefully my fit is going to be awesome!



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