[December 27, 2008]

So the top of my transducer manifold is for manifold pressure. I needed to route this to the inside of the firewall for the Grand Rapids transducer. I thought a U-turn of 1/4" tubing was the easiest way to accomplish this.

Here is the inside fitting.

Crap. This fitting on the inlet of the fuel pump really needs to be a 90 degree fitting -- instead its a 45. I can't take it off either because it rubs against the base of what the prop governor attaches to. So to get it off, I will have to remove the fuel pump. I didn't like that. What I am going to do is get a custom hose with a 45 degree end on it. That should in essence make this 45 degree adapter a 90.

Next was routing the fuel pump outlet to the fuel servo. Although it looks easy how it ended up, it took a good 8 hours of head scratching and internet research. However, as a bonus I was able to use the stock hose that came with the engine. Here is the routing.

I used an adel clamp to hold it to the engine mount. There is plenty of flex to account for engine movement.

And then it wraps around and comes into the fuel servo. There is great clearance between the hose and the exhaust for the whole run.

I had some issues because the bottom penetration hole I had was originally for the mixture. However, it interfered with the exhaust hangers. It ended up being perfect for the FAB bypass cable. So after some measuring, I figured I could put a new hole between the FAB bypass and the throttle holes for the mixture.

That location ended up being perfect. No interference whatsoever.

Another shot.....it was on the camera.

This cable ended up being the perfect length. It is the "CT RED VMIXTURE 51.5" 51.5" mixture cable from Van's that they sell for the RV-10. It works perfectly for this setup.



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