[December 24, 2008]

Today I decided to work on quick projects I could finish in a day. How many times have I said that and had the project last days and days and days? I figured the breather tube would be relatively painless to install. It wasn't completely painless, but it wasn't bad. Out of the box, the breather tube bend needed to be "tweaked" to fit better.

The main conflict I had with the tube was it interfered with the bracket for the prop control (the white power coated bracket with the hole in it above the mag wires). When I bent it, I put a couple of kinks in it. Not bad, but not perfect. I was going to reorder one from Van's to make better, but once I realized it was $30 for a new one (?!?!!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!), I decided what I had was good enough. At the bottom of the pic you can see the one adel clamp Van's had me predrill a while ago.

The exit of the breather is perfect. Aligned right over top of the exhaust.

However, because the breather is only secured in one spot, it isn't very rigid. Here is my main concern, is it rubbing against the engine mount. I need to order a new adel clamp, but I am going to clamp it to the engine mount down here.

Next was the fuel pump vent. Van's says you can just use a zip tie to hole the tube to the engine mount, but everyone I talk to says zip ties and engine mounts are asking for trouble. I have a bunch of adel clamps so I figured out a way to secure it. I also took the flexible tubing and attached it to the 3/16" aluminum tube, and used some safety wire to secure them.

I attached the other end to the fuel pump and secured that end with safety wire also.

Oh, I also cut out the bottom of the cowl to accommodate the brake link. This was a PITA!

Oh yeah, the above pics of the engine hanging brackets show the breather tube above the bracket. I wasn't too keen on that solution. Something about the chance of excess oil going above the bracket wasn't settling. So I moved the bracket above where the breather tube exits.



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