[November 11, 2008]

So the front of the FAB needs to be trimmed back so when the cowl comes off the plane (straight down to clear the spinner), the front of the FAB clears the cowl. There is an arrow on the pic below to show where it needs to clear.

I drew a couple of pictures from different angles indicating all of my clearances I need to be aware of. I then trimmed the front of the FAB to test my measurements and calculations were right.

Here is the adapter Sam James gave me.

Now I know the adapter is supposed to probably go the other way (with the flat side up instead of down), but it looks like it works better in this orientation.

I trimmed a bunch off the front of the FAB.

And also the adapter.

I then put one cleco between the FAB and the adapter to give me a pivot point to align the adapters inlet to the front of the cowl.

I shouldn't of put that cleco in the middle because that wasn't right. The adapter needs to be offset to the right. I redrilled it in place here - you can see its just about perfect.

Here is a better shot to show how it is offset.

I trimmed the airbox some more and glassed the adapter to the FAB on the bottom. Now my bottom pivot point is set and I can worry about the up/down once this is dry. I only used one layer to temporarily hold it.

Finally I riveted the side hinges to the fuselage. I could squeeze all of them except the bottom 3, ad the engine mount interferes with the squeezer yoke. I will have to come up with a creative bucking bar the those...



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