[November 10, 2008]

OK, tonight I wanted to make progress on the filtered air box. (FAB) I have the Van's FAB and not the Sam James one because the James FAB doesn't work with the short cowl. Sam James gave me an adapter to glass to the end of the van's FAB to get a circular air input on the front of the Van's FAB to interface to the circular intake. Here is a shot of the FAB clamped together sitting on the bottom of the fuel controller.

I screwed on the baseplate to the fuel controller.

I sliced off the left side of the baseplate so I could get the fab more centered. Since the fuel servo is offset to the left, I needed to be able to move the FAB as far right as possible.

I put the filter in to see if there would be any interference problems between the filter and the bolts on the bottom of the baseplate.

I put the cowl on the moved rotated the FAB so it would be as far right as possible and as far back as possible. I put some duct tape between the FAB and the baseplate to help me know where the position would be once it was all removed.

So you can see here the tracing of where the new baseplate position should be. Lots of problems with the stock baseplate position.

So I needed to fab up a new baseplate.

Here is the new baseplate on the bottom with the outer holes drilled.

I then backdrilled the top of the FAB, with all 6 bolt holes evenly spaced around the oval opening.

Next I postioned the original baseplate and backdrilled it into position so I could trace the fuel servo contollers bolt and curout pattern.

In the new baseplate I backdrilled the four 1/4" holes and marked where the cutout needed to go.

After a while of cutting and filing, the new baseplate was looking good.

Here is the difference in the two baseplate, the old on top of the new.

I mounted everything up again.

Here is the new alignment with everything bolted on. Pretty straight.....straight enough for me.

Next I needed to know where to flute the top of the FAB flange. I put some 1" marks on a piece of masking tape and transferred it to the top of the FAB.



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