[October 30, 2008]

The eyeball fittings come with a 1/8" hole in them. The control cables have about a 0.270" diameter to them. So I needed to open up the 1/8" hole a little bit for the cables. The instructions with the eyeball fittings say to make the hole 0.005" smaller than the outer diameter of the control cable to make sure the cable is snug in the fitting. Makes sense to me. I opened up the hole to 1/4" first. That was way too small. The next size bit I had was 17/64". That was perfect.

I punched the throttle hole and ran the cable.

Here is where I punched the hole. I used the recommended Y dimension from the drawing of 4 7/8", but if I used the recommended X dimension of 2 1/2", I would of run into interference with the fuel bulkhead fitting and/or the doubler for this fitting. So I needed to move the X dimension to 3 1/2". It seemed to work out great.

You can see from the inside I made it as close as I could to my doubler.

DOH! The 44.5" long throttle cable is too short. I will return this one and get the 46.5" one instead. That should be the perfect length.

Next cable to run is the prop control cable (blue knob). Since my governor location is pretty much stock, I kept the hole in the firewall in its stock location.

And what do you know...this is the only cable long enough! I have a bunch of other stuff to send back to Van's, so I will do that tomorrow. I get jacked with a 10% restocking fee, but hey, its better than losing all my money. It's really not all that bad.



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