[September 13, 2008]

I finished up my oil door today. I went with a KM610-64 latch instead of the hartwell latch because this is dirt simple and looks great. I purchased the camlock from B&B Aircraft Supplies. They don't have a webpage or catalog. Call them up at 913-884-5930 and they will take care of you. These were $5.00 each and a $10.00 minimum order.

Here's another shot of the latch installed. Easy as can be.

I took a break from the cowl and installed the two belly antennas. I am using two Comant CI-122 bent whip belly antennas for my VHF comm. I was going to use an Archer wingtip comm antenna, but I heard nothing but bad things about how poor the reception is. I was lucky enough to pick up both my antennas previously owned, but in new, never installed condition for much less than they are new. I think they are upwards of $170 each new!

I made a 0.063" backer plate for inside the fuselage.

No, this isn't the backer plate int he fuselage. I sanded off the primer to make a good grounding plate for the antenna. Once this was done, I applied some Alodine to it for corrosion protection. You cal also see I installed the antennas as outboard as I could. I didn't want them too far forward because they would interfere with the aileron pushrods. Too far aft and they would be too close to the ground.

OK, back to the cowl. Here is a pic of soem scrap sheet on the front of the cowl, between the air intake and the spinner where I want to put a camlock. There is a hell of a curvature here and I need to make it flat to put a metal backer plate on for the camlock.

So here is what I did. I took some scrap metal and put some packing tape over it. I them put some epoxy mixed with flox and clamped the metal over it. I pushed in a bunch of flox on the sides to make the area built up and flat. I used packing tape so the epoxy wouldn't stick. This is my first epoxy experience on the project. I hope it turns out well!

Here is another angle. This might take one or two more applications, but I think it's the best way to get a solid base for this camlock backing plate. I kinda dig epoxy - if something isn't flat...make it flat! It's not like metal where you are stuck to certain properties of the metal to obey by.



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