[August 29, 2008]

I ordered some concealed aluminum hinges from Guden for the oil door. The model I chose was NHAL9290. Guden had a minimum $25 order so I ended up getting 8 of them at $3.99 a pop. I already have the extra 6 of them sold to other builders, so it's not like I am out any cash. Goody for me!

I drilled the two hinges to the door. It took a while to figure out exactly where the hinges needed to go. If they were too close to the center of the door, the door wouldn't open as the top edge would dig into the top of the cowl as it opened. Too far back and it would need some holes in the fiberglass cowl for it to open fully. Somehow I nailed it PERFECTLY with my guess of where it needed to go. Total luck on my behalf.

I put two holes in each hinge 3/16" from the bottom of the hinge as shown in this pic. I then put the center of the holes 1/2" from the top edge of the door. So, in reality, the bottom of the hinges as shown in this pic are 11/16" from the top of the door.

Another shot.

I drilled the backing plate I made to the cowl.

Here is a shot of how it looks from the outside.

I needed to notch this backing plate to accommodate the hinges.

Here...you can see how the hinges nestle nicely into the cutouts.

With everything fit (of course there was some sanding of the cowl and filing of the door), I drilled the hinge to the cowl. I *might* put a 032" backing plate under the hinge portion that comes into contact with the cowl. I am not so sure how I feel about just the hinges being riveted to the cowl.....

Now for the test. Looks AWESOME closed.

Open looks good too. I was a little disapointed the door didn't stay open on its own, but I don't think the hinge has enough travel. No big deal, because if it did stay open on its own, I would be worried about the wind slamming the door closed.



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