[June 22, 2008]

I picked up the engine hoist from my EAA chapter this afternoon and moved the engine out of my basement and into the garage. What took about 3-6 hours in the fall to move down there, took about an hour to get back to the garage.

I put a very light layer of grease on the governor gasket as advised by a A&P I ran into. Also, the gasket can only go one way, with the screen protruding to the aft of the engine (towards the governor). Once that was done I torqued down the nuts holding on the governor.

I screwed in the fuel overflow adapter to the mechanical fuel pump. I put some fuel lube on the threads before putting it in.

Next I put in the downward compression fitting (silver 90 degree adapter) and the fuel flow restrictor (45 degree black adapter). This restrictor has a small opening on it, so in case the line to the fuel pressure transducer bursts, only a limited amount of fuel will be lost.

Next I needed to install the restrictor fitting for the oil pressure. My engine has two ports to choose from for it, pointed out by the red arrows. Van's FWF documentation recommends using the aft facing port, but to use it I needed to remove the right mag. No biggie. I didn't like the other fitting because it looked like it would interfere with the engine mount. If I ended up having a oil leak at the fitting, I would need to pull the engine to tighten the engine. Before I installed the fitting, I put a light layer of Permatex #2 on the threads, as recommended by Van's.

I also installed the oil pressure hose to the fitting. I thought it would be harder to install it once the engine was on.

I bought a tachometer cover from Avery Tools (about $15....kind of a rip off). This screwed on over where the tach pickup was. I safety wired is to an existing cover. the safety wire really wont keep this from coming undone, but if it does come undone the fitting won't be lost.



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