[May 8, 2008]

Pretty good day today. Before I got started I arranged to borrow a metal shrinker from a local guy who finished a -7. I am going to use it to fix the fit on the front of the canopy skin to the forward skin. My buddy also called me up and wanted to know if I wanted to go with him to Detroit to see the Red Bull Air Race. Uh, $150 SWA to D-Town and free place to stay? Hell Yeah!

Tonight I pushed forward with the infinite little things I had to do on the canopy frame. I need to get better organized because I am getting overwhelmed with whats going on to a certain extent. A more formal list would help out a lot. Anyways, this is a monumental moment - The last skin I will need the DRDT-2 for!

I took off the braces and riveted the clips to them. I can't remember the last time I drove a rivet - probably two months ago.

Next I countersunk the canopy frame. The tube was interesting to countersink, but it turned out fine.

Next I drilled the rear strut mount to the aft canopy channel.

I then countersunk the two holes in the canopy frame that attach to the forward mounting blocks for the strut for #12 dimples. The holes wobbled out a little since the countersink bit had nothing to pilot on, but they turned out fine.

I then countersunk the F-631A channels at the top.



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