[May 9, 2008]

I am still trying to wrap up the canopy, and getting close to doing so finally! On the bottom of the side rails there are some markings from where Van's used a shrinker on it.

I used the drum sander in the dremel get it knocked down and then sanded it smooth. Looks great now.

A RV-7 flier lent me his shrinker to fix the fit of the top skin.

I marked on the top skin where I had a gap and then shrunk in that area. I started lightly to see how much I needed.

The shrinker does a good job of messing up the skin, but this will be all sanded/fiberglassed/filled/primed so no one will ever know.

After a few iterations, I got a PERFECT fit. To hell with trying to shim the front top skin, the shrinker is the way to go!

Next I wanted to rivet the two C-602 channel halves together. However, I notice there was some play in how they fit when I put it together on the bench. If I riveted it together not perfect, I could screw up the rear width of the canopy frame. So, I decided to take the rollbar off and rivet the top joint in place to get the perfect result. No big deal, and I feel good about how the result will be.

Dunno why I took this pic, but it is all the rivets I got set while the canopy frame was in the fuselage.



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