[November 15, 2006]

Yesterday I went to Home Depot and found out that the longest untreated 4x4 is 8' - I needed 12'. This ended up being good, because I figured out that I could probably just glue a 2x4 on the floor and then mount the 4x4's on top of that with some brackets. $2.50 later, I had two brackets and was out of home depot. Its been a while since I have dropped less than $100 at a hardware store. I got home and glued the 2x4 to the ground.

Tonight I mounted the treated 4x4's on the 2x4 and put up all of the brackets. I think I will have to move a pair of the brackets up or down an inch or so, but that is the easy part. I needed to start somewhere right?

The new rear support beams finished.

These are the brackets I got. I needed to put some holes in them to mount screws to the 4x4.

I also picked up a thermometer the other day. 59 is very comfy in the garage. It was cold as hell last week or the week before,

And of course when it got nice out, my heater showed up. This is a Dayton 5000 watt electric heater. I chose to go with electric over propane/kerosene because of electric is 100% efficient, I can't run out of fuel and it isn' that expensive. I think it costs $25/month to run it full blast for 50 hours.

Finally I got my spar ready to be riveted. I clamped a 2x4 on the table behind the spar to help hold it in place when it gets riveted. My dad promised me friday afternoon to get these puppies done!



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