[November 13, 2006]

Tonight I made some real progress on getting the wing jog finished. In fact, I could see the wing jig coming to an end tonight until something not good happened - the 4x4s in the rear broke lose from the floor. This really really sucks because it basically puts me two days behind - gotta wait a day to get the wood, and wait another day to reglue. The reason I need new wood is I was using pressure treated wood for the rear supports because lowes didn't have anything longer than 8' in a 4x4. I needed a little over 10' to hit my roof of my garage. I am pretty sure that the moisture in the pressure treated wood didn't promote good adhesion. Sucks it does, but I am glad to find this out now instead of later. Its an easy fix now.

The first mount put in, and then I ran a line to the other pole to make sure that the floor was level.

....It was.

The finished bracket, all nice and level. Sucks to have to take this all apart.

The backside of the bracket. It came out really nice.

I removed the rear left leg tonight. Needed to clamp some temp wood in to keep everything else together.

yup...suckerific. Another theory I had on why it broke loose was I needed to hit the bolts into place with a hammer on the pressure treated, because the moisture caused a bunch of friction. For the first time ever, two wrongs didn't make a right. Although all of this really sucks, I am glad it happened because the rear 4x4s were twisted to hell and I didn't like how they fit. I can fix this all up now.



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