[January 26, 2006]

This morning I got up early with RV on my mind! I was able to debur all of the holes on the elevator, then dimple, and finally backrivet the stiffeners in. I started in the back (trailing edge) and worked myself forward this time and they came out looking great. No wierd offset trailing rivets like the right side. BTW, I was using Scotch 811 removable tape and it worked perfect. WAY better than they crap that comes with the avery kit.

Next I wanted to backrivet on the trim reinforcement place (E-615PP) but wanted to make sure that it was done correctly. Some people countersink the trim access plate (E-615PP) instead of dimpling and I wanted to know why. Well, turns out if you dimple the place, there is a chance that the plate will bend a little on you as the dimple distorts the material. A lot of people countersink these screw holes and get much better results. Well, I dimpled the reinforcement plate's screw holes so I couldn't countersink the plate. I ended up drilling out all of the rivets on the reinforcement plate so that I can take out the dimples. It isn't going to be that much more work, and I will be happier with the results.

On the way home from work I stopped by Home Depot and picked up the best looking 2x8 I have ever seen in my life, along with hinges and screws. First time I have been to Home Depot that I spent under $20!

Got home and started looking at my trim plate. I got out a screw to see how much I needed to countersink. I found a piece of scrap a little thicker than the trim plate. Time to do some testing. I drilled two holes. One of them was near the edge, the same distance from the edge that the closest hole is on the trim place. I countersunk the one hole, and I dimpled the other hole. The countersink was a little too deep for my likings. The dimple was perfect. Absolutely no distortion in the metal (bend) or the edge. I went on and dimpled the trim tab access plate and it was absolutely perfect. Man, I drilled out all of those rivets for nothing this morning! DIMPLING THE TRIM ACCESS PLATE IS THE WAY TO GO!

Next I build the bending brake. I made the top piece 48", and the bottom piece 60". I spaced out the hinged evenly (5 hinges total) and then ran out of screws. I am out of time anyways, so all is well.

Yeah, it sucks to take out all of these rivets, but I have to remove the nutplates to flatten out the screw dimple.

This is the screw and the trim access plate. The countersink is just too too close.

2x8x10 from Home Depot.


My test piece.

The access plate dimpled. No distortion at all.


My two 2x8's cut and lined up.

can you say STRAIGHT. It is amazing how there is no bow/bend at all in this wood! I sanded the wood down on the inside just to get rid of any wierd bumps.

Hinges on. I ran out of screws, so I will pick them up tomorrow and hopefulyl bend!



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