[January 25, 2006]

Finally got back to working on the elevators. I went ahead and back riveted these suckers on. I started in the front and worked myself to the tip. The very last rivet was tricky to get because you need to peel the skin back. I did it with just pushing on it with my head. Worked well. When everything was backriveted, I noticed that 3-4 heads on the top skin trailing edge were a little cockeyed. I am going to drill these out and redo them, but I think this is caused with how awkward it is to hold the skin up to get these very last ones.

On the left skin, I started with the trailing rivets and worked myself forward and got MUCH BETTER RESULTS.

Next I backriveted all of the nutplates on the E-615PP reinforcement plate. I was able to backrivet all but 2, which I used the squeezer on.

Next I did the tedious task of devinyling the left skin. Took a good 2 hours.

Rivets Taped in...

One side backriveted.

Both sides backriveted.

The reinforcement plate backriveted...except for 2

These two nutplates I couldn't backrivet because of the flange was in the way.

I layed the skin on the table like this to devinyl it. The other one I didn't do like this and it was a pain.

Nothing like maid service....

Skin devinyled.



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