[November 24, 2005]

Thanksgiving was today and I didn't get too much done. I had two thanksgivings to go to (parents and girlfriends), so I only had about an hour to work tonight. When I was at my parents house I dug up one of my old handheld soldering irons and also a yellow coil air tube. I don't know if I will need it, but it will be nice to have around.

All I got done tonight was deburring the edges of the rear spar reinforcement bars. The best way to do this was using a scotch brite wheel on the end of a drill. I do not have a bench grinder yet, but I think that will help out when I do get it. Later on, I tried sanding the top of the bars. It polished OK, but there was still some residue left on the bar. I took the scotch brite drill wheel and that brightened it right up. I first started with the scotch brite wheel I used on the edges, but the edges left a groove on it, and made it hard to be completely flat with the surface. I then tried a new smaller diameter scotch brite wheel and that did much better, but it was kind of slow, even with the drill on the max RPM. I figured that the larger diameter one would work even better since the outside edge would spin faster because it was larger (basic physics). That did the trick!

Finally, I clecoed the bars and spars together. I setup the drill to go tomorrow with a #30 bit and a stopper on it so I dont go through the table. After reading the Sioux drill manual, it stated no more than 90 PSI...I am glad I read that or I would of given it full blast of 125 psi!

Notice the difference before and after scotch brite-ing the bar...obviously the polished part of the bar is to the right.

I tried this smaller scotch brite wheel at first, but it sucked.

Than I tried this larger one! It really made a difference. At first I stripped the drill adapter right off the the pad. I put some pieces of sandpaper in the hole of the pad before I screwed it back on and it did the job.

The bars and rear spar all clecoed together. I will drill tomorrow.



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