[May 16, 2024]

I've been working through the 2024 annual conditional inspection.

Cylinder #1 Exhaust Valve

Cylinder #1 Intake Valve

Cylinder #1 had some very slight wear marks. It's really tough to say how bad wear marks are - the borescope does a great job of making them look worse than they really are.

Another view. I didn't find any metal flakes in the cylinder. I will keep an eye on it and look again in 6 months.

Cylinder #2 Exhaust Valve

Cylinder #2 Intake Valve

Cylinder #2 also had some wear marks on the top. No metal was to be found in the cylinder itself.

Cylinder #3 Exhaust Valve

Cylinder #3 Intake Valve

Cylinder #4 Exhaust Valve

Cylinder #4 Intake Valve

There was some smoke leaking at the #1 injector.

The issue is this 45 degree adapter is not rated for high heat. The fitting was very loose at the area I circled - I believe there/was an o-ring here or some other sort of washer which the exhaust melted.

It was time for new canopy struts. The last time I replace them was 2020 - 4 years seems to be a good run. They've gone up slightly in price - from $16 the last time I purchased them to $22 for a pair now.

Compression check came out great this annual!

One of the engine through bolts seemed lose upon inspection. Some of the threads were trashed.

Up front of the case. I replaced and torqued.

My GRT fuel pressure sensor has been acting up. I am planning to replace it this weekend. Picture just for posterity as it's an off the shelf Amphenol SSI Technologies item (P51-100-G-B-I36-5V-000-000). GRT's part number for this is HPS-SS-01 ($167 as of today). That's actually a pretty competitive price - DigiKey charges $144 for the same sensor. Looking at their current website it looks like they may have switched to a different version - what they have pictured is certainly not SSI brand.

This was the big find this annual - the 0.050" 3/4" steel strip which is used to attach the wheel pants to the axel nut was cracked. I think this came as part of a kit with the jack, and I don't think they sell it by itself. I may have to fabricate a replacement.

Yup, broken!

On the way home I decided I would try to weld it back together - it actually worked really well - seems super strong now! Let's see how this fairs over the next few months.



Last Modified: June 24, 2024