[May 19, 2024]

I worked on completing the annual inspection today. I didn't think I had that much to do, but it ended up being an 8 hour day at the hangar!

I re-balanced my tired. This is the right wheel with 4 weights.

And left wheel with only two weights. If you notice what appears to be some dryrot on my left tire, it's perfectly normal an a known issue with some of the retreat tires I received from Wilkerson - I check with them a few years ago on this.

I needed to re-do some plumbing for my smoke system. The AN815-4 steel union needed to be turned down - how I wanted to mount it would cause some wearing that I didn't really like. Here is the aftermath.

And here is what the fitting looked like before.

And here is why I needed to modify the fitting - so those sharp edges would not wear into my prop governor line.

I decided to try NiCopp line for my smoke oil injection, since the steel braided fitting wasn't working for my application. We will see how this works out. NiCopp is used in brake systems and has the benefits of the flexibility of copper without it work hardening.

Two concerns with using NiCopp is if it can handle the vibration of the exhaust (I dont know much much it vibrates this close to the engine) and the heat it may conduct. It won't conduct heat for long, as it will be cooled by the air coming off the engine cooling fins. I temporarily used some silicon to act as a high temp heat spacer - I have some high temperature adel clamps on their way.

And with 969.2 hours on her, the 2024, and 14th annual inspection of N987MB is complete!



Last Modified: June 24, 2024