[June 21, 2014]

No more than 30 minutes after I realized my alternator wasn't working, a RV-9A pilot/builder at the airport said he had a working Van's internally regulated alternator at his house he would gladly give to me. I picked it up, and it had all of the mounting equipment with it. Sweet deal!

I needed to add a hole to the alternator-starter strap to accommodate the B&C starter. It was like I just did this a few weeks ago...

The alternator swap was going really well, until I was in the middle of safety wiring everything up. I was pulling a wire taught and it snapped on me, causing my hands to bang into the sharp fiberglass opening of the filtered air box. Luckily it hurt way more than it looks!

After 90 minutes of work, the new alternator was on. It was pretty straight forward. The nice thing about this alternator is it is available at automotive parts stores. It is really a Lester #14684, which is what an '87 Suzuki Samaria uses (AutoZone p/n 14824 - $81.99).

Boom! Great voltage and pushing 20 amps into my battery.

I took the RV up for a quick spin to make sure the new alternator was functioning properly.

Towson, MD (Home of Seinfeld's Elaine Benes).

Hard to see, but the two major TV towers for Baltimore in the background. The one on the left is the new HDTV antenna, while the other one was used originally for SDTV. I don't know if it has been re-purposed...



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