[July 31, 2009]

So yeah, I know it's been a month since the last update. I have been working a lot on the project, but my den where my computer is has been torn apart because of some water damage. Well, that's all fixed now and I can get back to playing catchup on the log.

I needed to notch the bottom of the avionics tray cutout on the subpanel for the transponder wires.

With that notched, I installed the trays.

I then took a while to wire up the avionics harness to the power connectors, and all of the data feeds to the EFIS's, etc.. Lots of wiring.

One thing to note is with the Garmin 430W there is a minimum length for the wire between the GPS antenna and the 430W. I think it was 8' or so - it is mentioned in the installation manual. I decided to coil up the excess here.

I bought a ferrule crimp tool from Ebay to put some ends on the wires that go into the EMAG connector. I am not thrilled with the connector on the EMAG, and installing ferrules seems to make sense to make the connection the most secure.

I then wired up pretty much the remaining of the front of the firewall. Here is the finished GPS antenna tray.

I installed the GRT Sport ARINC converter box on the left side of the panel support ribs and wired it up to the 430W and the Sport units.



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