[February 15, 2009]

So the other day I removed the hat section on the forward face of the subpanel. This was so I could tinker with where to mount the aux battery. I cut some 3/4 x 3/4 x .125" angle to go between the firewall and the subpanel. The idea is the battery would sit in between the angle.

Here is another shot.

For whatever reason, I took a break from the aux battery mounting and heavily modified the left panel support rib. It needed to be moved because of the EFIS interfered with its position. It also needed to be shortened so the Airspeed Indicator would fit under it. This took the good part of 2-3 hours to get right.

So back to the aux battery tray. Basically there is some 063 the battery sits on, on top of the .125 angle. Some 063" angle is on the front and back of the battery to keep it in place. Furthermore, some angle is on either side to support some bolts that will attach to some angle on top of the battery, which will hold it in place.

Another shot.

And another.

Why not one more?

Here it is with the battery in place. The battery is nice and snug.

Finally I fabricated the top piece. I need to get a long AN3 bolt as well as some spacing tubing to finish this up, but it is ready for paint!



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