[January 10, 2009]

Not that this is panel related at all, but I installed the governor cable passthrough permanently in the firewall today. I used some Permatex high strength thread lock on it, as recommended.

I wanted to cut the map box cutout today, but I needed to know where and how the vents were going to mount. You can see I have a one-legged nutplate on the top. That will come into play later on. But I needed it there for positioning.

Here is a SteinAir large vent. These aren't cheap, but I was surprised they were about $10 less from Aircraft Spruce than from Stein himself! They are about $100 a pop, and worth every penny when compared to the junk Van's sends you. Here is the idea positioning.

I made a template of the cutout needed and modified the panel to accept the new radius of this vent.

Here you can see how I carved a little out of the panel. The vent fits perfectly to this radius.

Another shot.

I needed to notch the bottom of the panel to allow for the backside of the vent to screw into the front of the vent.

With the vent in place, I could cut the map box hole. The straight edges are the easy part. I HATE cutting out the corners of a hole. Mine always turn out nasty and ugly.

WOW! Using the Dremel sanding drum, I got it PERFECT in no time. I mean perfect. I am really happy with how nicely the mapbox door fits into the panel. It looks professional, perhaps even waterjeted!

Finally I played around with how much I needed to notch the panel for the hinge. 3/16" seemed to be the right number. Hopefully tomorrow the map box will be mounted permanently.



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