[October 31, 2008]

I got my GRT EFIS back this week in working order. I couldn't let them sit around waiting to see what they were capable of once they were in the panel. So I rigged up a test harness. All of this is setup in my living room because thats the only room I can get a GPS signal in.

I had a 12V power supply laying around.

I also found my old Garmin eTrex GPS. This thing outputs in NMEA 0183 format on its serial port for the GRT's to read.

With everything hooked up (power, gps, magnetometer) the units came alive. Here is a basic screen of the PFD on the left display, and full engine monitor on the right.

Now there is the moving map on the right screen. The moving map has all the airspaces (with floors and ceilings), VOR's, airports, obstacles, etc.. Airport and VOR's have runway information and frequencies. Pretty slick stuff.

Now I want engine too. So I put the engine under the PFD on the right. So now I have engine, PFD and moving map. Can't get much better can it?

Now its better! PFD, engine and HSI on the left display, full screen moving map on the right. This is a sweeeeet system! There are almost endless combinations. However, there are a couple of limitations that I am finding out. I want to call GRT on these findings so I can design my wiring diagram arounf them.



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