[August 11, 2010]

Today I wanted to try to wrap up the last things on the wingtips. On the right wingtip I terminated the marker beacon antenna with a male BNC connector.

The left wing has the Bob Archer VOR antenna in it. I put a male BNC connector on one end of a piece of RG400 and some terminal connectors on the other end to hook up to the antenna. I also put some nylon pads on the inside of the wingtip to secure the wire to.

My friend Mike Rollison said I needed to secure some of my CHT probe wires better. So I made some more spacers and secured them to the magneto plug leads.

I also redid how the EGT/CHT wires are routed to the firewall. Since these connectors "undid" themselves (because of the nylon spiral wrap, I'm sure), I decided to add some heat shrink to them to to make sure they can't be unlatched without the heatshrink being cut. I secured the wire bundle with some lacing cord.

I dressed up the right hand side better as well.

I wanted to fit the lower cowl to make sure it still did fit correctly, and there wasn't any rubbing occurring. The left side went on great, but the right side was a little tight. Once I got it on a little, I saw the spinner didn't align with the cowl! I wasn't happy.

To see where my alignment issue was I turned the prop slightly. Well I realized there was some interference with the spinner and the cowl now. Turns out the two screws holding the two halves of the back of the spinner were rubbing the cowl. Phew.

Instead of using the screws provided, I slightly countersunk the spinner attachment for some tinnerman washers and flush #8 screws. That did the trick!

Once the GOOP dried between the nylon zip tie pads and the wingtips. I routed and secured the antenna wire for the VOR.

Next I trimmed the VOR antenna wire at the end of the left wingtip and installed a female BNC connector.

I did the same for the marker beacon antenna wire in the right wingtip.

I knew the EMI VOR was pretty close to KDMW, so I decided to see if I could pick it up. I rolled the RV out to the middle of the taxiway between the hangars and tried to tune in the VOR on my 430W. I got some static, but no VOR. No real surprise, but it would of been nice to test this. However, I was pleasantly surprised to receive some static, showing the antenna was probably working somewhat. If it was grounded out I shouldn't receive anything.



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