[August 4, 2010]

I worked some on the right wingtip tonight. Basically finished fabricating the mounting plate for the HID/Nav lights and mounting everything up. I fired up the taxi lights and also wired up the right nav/strobe lights. All worked flawlessly.

Mike Rollison pointed out he didn't like my under-baffle connecting rod rubbing against the oil return line. Even though I had some tubing over it, it still concerned him. His suggestion was to put some hi-temp RTV between them so there wouldn't be any vibration between the two.

I opened up the Princeton capacitive-resistive fuel tank level converters tonight and checked the LED sequence on them. All looked good. I also read in their manual that the converters output a full tank indication when they start up. I verified this on the EIS and EFIS. This was the last item I needed to check before I can put the top skin on. No electrical issues left!

My wingtips were a little on the floppy side. It was recommended that I needed a wingtip rib installed in them. I bought a 3/4" thick piece of foamboard from Home Depot and traced the outline of the wingtip on it.

I took maybe 1" off from around it and trimmed the front off. It seemed to work here. The nice thing is I should be able to just make a mirror piece for the other wingtip, eliminating all of the iterative cutting.

Like a dummy I left my wingtip sitting on its side when it got really hot in the hangar and it distorted the shape. So with the wingtip rib in, I hung it up hoping the hot spell we have now will shape it back.

Lastly I took the forward top skin off to take home to prime. This sucker is ready to be riveted on!



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