[July 30, 2010]

Tonights goal was to pre-oil the engine and get the mag/emag timed. To do so, I needed to take care of a few items in the oil system. First I torqued down the oil filter and safety wired it.

Next I pulled the plug on the sump and drained the preservative oil.

I installed a quick drain valve for future oil changes. It is a tape fit so it isn't meant to fully seat against the sump. I couldn't find the torque this was supposed to have, so I left it for now.

I also safety wired the oil filler tube. Fun this was not.

Time to pre-oilk this puppy. I installed a NPT-to-1/4" hose fitting on the front of the oiler rail.

I filled my pre-oiler with 2Q of AeroShell 80 Mineral. This grade seemed just right for my operating temperatures.

I clamped a piece of wood to my portable table to hold the pre-oiler up. This is how it will look once presurized.

I turned it over and pressurized it with I think 40-50 PSI of air.

Once I unleashed the oil into the engine, it didn't take too long for some oil to come out of the manifold where the oil pressure sensor is. Once I saw oil here, I plugged it off.

This was a major pain in the ass. Once the air ran out, I would need to swap fittings, re-pressurize, swap fittings again and then run oil through. I should of put an air fitting on the top, and then all would of been much better. I made a mess and a half with some spilled oil.

This was good! Oil pressure of 16psi was showing on the EFIS. That means oil pressure sensor works!

Next I filled the sump with 2Q of aeroshell mineral and rotated the prop a few times. I then timed the mag. The EMAG was a piece of cake to time. Blow twice, done. Can't beat it. Wish I would of done EMAG/PMAG now.

Finally I torqued and safety wired the brake caliper bolts. This is something my Tech Counselor pointed out. Great night....onto the fuel system!



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