[January 28, 2010]

In order to determine how to trim the lower rudder tip I mounted up the rudder. Since the vertical stabilizer was already mounted, it was easy.

Here is the critical dimension I needed to trim the forward part of the fiberglass tip to. I think it was 3 3/8".

I calculated I needed to take 1 3/32" off of the front of the tip, so I marked that and then drew a line going all the way back to to the end to trim.

DOH! Spilled my beer all over the instruction manual. Believe it or not, this is the first spill I think I have had in the 2000 hours of this project. Very unlike me not to spill beer. This was definitely due.

After the emergency beer cleanup I trimmed the bottom tip and make a notch for the rudder horn.

The notch turned out super. First perfectly.

I will need to trim a little off the front, but I don't know quite how much yet. Should be < 1/2"

And here is a trial fit. Looks pretty good.

I have about 1/4 - 3/8" clearance here. Perfect. I am super happy with how this is.

CRAP! Damn hollow chip in the front of the empennage fairing. This thing is going to kill me.



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